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Dog Show 2006
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Sunday, July 31, 2005
What to do when the judge isn't looking.
Get some pats - Brittany
A Brittany getting some attention.
Get pretty - Irish wolfhound
An Irish wolfhound getting pretty.
Play with a toy - miniature dachshund, wire hair
A wire-haired miniature dachshund & new toy.
Waiting - Brittany
A Brittany waiting for a treat.
Look around
Just looking around.
Relax - old English sheepdog
An old English sheepdog relaxing.
This foot goes here - Irish wolhound PUPPY.
An Irish wolfhound puppy learning.
Pay attention - Ibizan hound
An Ibizan hound paying attention.
Chihuahuas dancing
Chihuahuas waiting for a dance.
Sniff around - French bulldog
A French bulldog checking things out.
Go shopping!
Modeling her wares.

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