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Our AKC Sponsored
Responsible Pet Ownership Day 2003

Brittany on the seesaw.
Agility dog on a seesaw.
A terrier shows off his agility.
Agility dog clocking time.
Police officers and their partner.
Police dog escorting his partners.
Another K-9 cop.
Who says police dogs can't have fun?
Rescued weimeraners - take one home.
We had several rescue groups.
Rescued bulldog.
Everyone loves a bully!
The search dog located her target in 2 minutes flat.
You can depend on her to find you.
Vaccinations and microchips.
Dr Kimbrough vaccinated.
A visiting Chinese crested dog.
Having a bad hair day?
This poodle likes to watch.
A visiting poodle enjoys the show.
They sat obediently through the whole show.
The Tyler Obedience Club.

A Rhodesian ridgeback looking anxious.
Puppies should relax and enjoy.
A papillion looking curious.
What are YOU looking at?
People and dogs having fun.
We all had a good time.

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